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Thank you for visiting our site. Time sure has flown, but we’ve been in business helping people with their financial needs now for over 38 years. We’re helping folks with all kinds of needs from Insurance to Home Loans, to Real Estate – and even loans for people and properties that don’t meet typical conforming standards. We’ve also simplified the process and have kept up with the technology that lets folks do a loan start to finish from the

Most of our clientele are repeat customers, and in some cases, we’ve done as many as ten loans for the same client over a period of many years. We’ve watched our clients grow older and as a result have done the loans for their sons and daughters and even their grandkids! We’re the type of company that lives by its word, even in some cases where it means we’ve lost money on a transaction. We like to be able to see our clients in the supermarket and say “Hi,” and not have to run for cover for fear that they’ve been unhappy with our work.

We’ve also kept up with needs of our time, particularly where REVERSE MORTGAGES are needed. As Baby Boomers slowly move into retirement, we’ve found that many folks simply have not saved money and may be living on meager Social Security and Pension incomes. With Reverse Mortgages, clients can boost their income or bank accounts without having to make monthly payments, or sell their homes. These exciting new programs are changing people’s lives, and in many cases can be done with little or no cost, but we’ll talk more about that later.

We hope we can be of service to you. Bring your questions first, without fear of being given some hard close. Once your questions are answered, we can see if there’s a loan product that works for YOU.

Mortgages and the Pajama Work Force

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Mortgages and the Pajama Work Force
Mortgages and the Pajama Work Force
December 21, 2016
I’d like you to consider an amazing opportunity working from home, never have to get dressed up again, never having someone else dictate your own schedule, and last, making more money than you ever thought possible. No, it’s not Snake Oil, it’s the MONEY BUSINESS, both “Forward” and “Reverse” Mortgages.
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